Roman Infinity Low Level Trays

Our collection of Infinity Shower Trays have been designed and manufactured in house. Our Design Team created the trays so that they would give a total minimalist wetroom look, but with the ease of installation associated with a shower tray.

The Infinity Trays go one step further than other low level shower trays available on the market, as they incorporate a solid surface waste cover. This is made from the same material as the tray so gives a seamless look and inspiring the name ‘Infinity’.

The Infinity Range of shower trays is manufactured in our on-site solid surface manufacturing facility, where we create everything from the moulds they are cast in, through to finishing each individual tray by hand.

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Welcome to our new look blog. You may have previously visited our old blog, which was hosted on an external specialist blog site – we have now decided to integrate it into our own Roman website so you can easily find and read our articles. In line with the new look, we are also going…

Tackling Your Small Bathroom Part 3

So now for the final part of our little mini-series of blog posts on small bathrooms. Read Part 2, Read Part 1.

This time we’re focusing on how to make the most of your bathroom space now you’ve chosen you shower enclosure or bath screen.

A top tip is to include clever storage solutions. A mirrored cabinet offers a great place to store all your essential bathroom toiletries and cleaning products, whilst also doubling up as your bathroom mirror. Roman offers a variety of mirrored cabinets, including smaller version that will sit neatly above your sink, through to full length versions which offer ample storage whilst also acting as a full length mirror.