Tackling Your Small Bathroom Part 2

22 June 2011
2 min read

Our look at small bathrooms and overcoming space restrictions continues… Read Part 1 here

Although there is a wide selection of space saving solutions available, some bathrooms will simply not allow for both a bath and a separate shower enclosure. But with the fast paced modern lifestyle we lead, showering has become the main way we clean ourselves – it is seen as the quick and most hygienic way to keep clean, so showering facilities are a must. If your bathroom is too small for both a separate shower enclosure and a bath, you have two options:

Replace the Bath:
One of the current trends is to replace the bath with a larger bath replacement style walk-in enclosure – the ultimate in luxury, which will act as a stunning centre-piece.

This is a particularly realistic option if you have multiple bathrooms in the property and can therefore have the regularly used en-suites as shower rooms and keep the bath in the main family bathroom, or vice versa depending on your own family’s habits. This has also become a popular trend for those who live in a stylish modern city apartment, where the bath has become redundant.

Shower over Bath:
If you only have one bathroom in your property and don’t want to sacrifice your bath, the other alternative is to install a shower positioned over a bath along with a bath-screen.

This is indeed becoming a popular choice with around 65% of the UK population now showering over a bath. With stylish power shower approved bath screens available, you no longer need to compromise on style and performance when opting to install an over bath shower.