Tackling Your Small Bathroom Part 1

13 June 2011
3 min read

With the average UK bathroom getting smaller, planning out a bathroom is becoming a more difficult task, particularly if you want both a shower enclosure and a bath included. Designers and manufacturers of bathroom equipment are always looking for new and innovative ways to get round this issue of space, or more accurately, the lack of it. There is a wide selection of space saving solutions on the market and with showering this is no exception.

It is vital that you think about what kind of shower enclosure to install, and that you are always aware of the obstruction other bathroom furniture can pose. You should always choose an enclosure which will maximise the available space. If you have some available space on the wall, but little space in the centre of the bathroom, then purchasing a shower with an inward opening door can often be a necessity to avoid projection out into the bathroom and on to other bathroom furniture, for this situation a bi-fold door can be the perfect solution. Bi-fold shower doors were traditionally viewed as a much more practical door rather than being design-led, however with the shrinking UK bathroom this has now changed – they have now transformed are being designed for the higher end of the market. Choose one which incorporates smooth and curvaceous minimal framing and thick glass for a high quality designer finish.

If on the other hand you have a shortage of wall space, but more space available within the centre of the bathroom, you can opt for a quadrant shower enclosure which is specifically designed to take up minimal wall space, but that cleverly bows out into the middle of the room to create a massive showering area. This type of enclosure is specially designed to make the most of the available space in the bathroom and leave nothing wasted.

Another flexible alternative is to install an ultra-modern wetroom. Wetrooms offer a stylish minimalist appearance which is ideal for small bathrooms. You can simply tank out the wetroom then install a wetroom panel into whatever available space your bathroom has. This simply acts as a water deflector, preventing the rest of the bathroom from becoming drenched. Wetroom panels are available in a range of sizing options making them the perfect solution for any size bathroom.

So there are some initial ideas, but keep watching this space for solutions to overcome where the space truly is too small for a separate shower enclosure and a bath, along with how to make the most of your small bathroom once your restyle is complete.

To be continued…