Get the Look: Natural Bathroom

Creating a natural look bathroom, using natural materials has become a popular trend, with real stone tiles becoming a popular choice, along with stone effect trays. When it comes to the enclosure itself, clearly a wooden or stone unit is not possible, but a traditional enclosure can still blend seamlessly with a natural looking bathroom….

3 min read

Behind the Scenes: Creating our Corporate Video

As a well-established company we’ve always been keen to create a corporate video, which would take people around Roman on a virtual tour. Being a British manufacturer is something we are very proud to shout about – and what better way than through a corporate video which shows the ins and outs of what goes…

4 min read

The BMA’s Water Label

If you’ve been checking out our stunning range of shower valves, you will have noticed the BMA’s (Bathroom Manufacturer’s Association) Water Label, which we have recently added to tell you about each individual showerhead’s flow rate. This symbol may be a new one for you, so we thought we would give you a quick rundown…

3 min read

Roman Takes a Staring Role on Half Built House & You Deserve this House

Roman have regularly received requests from big name shows such as Cowboy Builders and DIY SOS, for products to be included within home make-overs, so it was no surprise when we were approached by two new programmes to see if we could help the with some fantastic and major home renovations… Half Built house is…

2 min read

How To Pick The Right Enclosure For your Space: Part 1

In today’s fast paced lifestyle showering has become an important part of our daily routines – it is the quick, hygienic and easy way to clean. The bath has now moved away from being a place where we wash or clean ourselves, to now be more of a sanctuary, away from the hustle and bustle…

3 min read