23 July 2015
2 min read

This week Cowboy Builders landed in Ilford, Essex with the Page family, Roz, Nick, 9 year old Sophie and 7 year old Matthew. Their life came crushing down unexpectedly when Roz had a stroke 6 years ago leaving her weaker and unable to do day-to-day jobs without the aid of her husband.

In order for her to get her independence back she needed a fully functioning shower facility. During the process of getting a new bathroom, the builder had a disagreement with the family only two weeks into the build, leaving the Page family with an unusable bathroom. This resulted in the family having to clean their teeth in the kitchen sink and shower at a relative’s house. This unbearable style of living went on for 5 months.


As a result of the poorly designed bathroom upstairs, the family experienced yet more problems. It caused a leak, which came through from the bathroom down in to the kitchen, taking the majority of the ceiling with it when it collapsed.

The Cowboy Builders team worked together creating the Page family’s new bathroom that would make life for all of them much better and even more importantly, Roz can now get her independence back. With a strip of silicone and the fitting of a Bi-Fold Haven Shower Enclosure, the bathroom was complete and accessible for Roz and the family.



The transformation hit the family hard as Roz broke down in tears overwhelmed with the teams help to get her independence back.

Nick, “love the shower” and Roz commented on how, “the whole room looks bigger”.

Roz also went on to say, “You’ve given me something back that I lost all those years ago. You’ve done more than help, I can’t thank you enough!”

We wish the Page family all the best in the future.

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