Roman’s new website update

3 January 2024
2 min read

The UK and Europe’s leading shower designer and manufacturer, Roman, is proud to reveal their new and upgraded website.

The launch of Roman’s website aims to offer enhanced user experience and navigation as well an upgraded modern design which further mirrors Roman’s new brochures.

Roman’s new website will also be compatible with mobile and tablet devices ensuring user accessibility on all platforms.

One of the biggest changes Roman has made is the way in which users can easily navigate the website, the drop-down menus offer informative and easy navigation, and the large easy access footer ensures an enhanced user experience, meaning users can access where they need to go in fewer clicks.

Roman has also implemented a cleaner and modernist design throughout their website. The introduction of video banners and images creates a more informative and abstract flow, which coincides with the look of Roman’s new brochures.

David Osborne, Chief Executive Officer at Roman, commented: “The internet is constantly evolving and so must we. Navigation is the key word for our site as well as brand positioning. This is a huge stride forward for Roman and hopefully a huge benefit for all of our customers and stakeholders.”

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