Why is End Of Life (EOL) recycling important in the bathroom industry?

Recycling is a very important process in the bathroom industry, as it should be for all sectors and businesses. Recycling reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill, conserves natural resources, saves energy and reduces the need to collect new raw materials preventing unnecessary pollution. In this post, we will be covering what specifically EOL recycling is, its importance in the bathroom industry and how it is managed at Roman HQ.

What is End Of Life recycling?

End Of Life recycling is when a product that losses its original purpose and can no longer be used, is then processed into various separate materials to be recycled and used again.

Why is End Of Life recycling so important?  

EOL recycling is important in the bathroom industry as many raw materials, such as those used for the aluminium, glass, brass alloys and stone trays in bathroom ware are so commonly used. This is all taken into account in the initial design stages before manufacturing is produced. It ensures that all aspects of the product can be recycled for future use. Without this process, businesses would have a negative effect on the environment resulting in unnecessary pollution, landfill and energy usage.

Common bathroom materials such as aluminium, glass, brass alloys and stone trays can all be easily recycled at your Licensed Recycling Centre (LRC). At Roman HQ we are more than happy to arrange a pick-up of Roman manufactured products for a modest transport charge.

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