What is a solvent recycling machine and why are they important in helping businesses become environmentally friendly?

23 September 2020
2 min read

In the Bathroom Industry, many materials are thought not to be recyclable due to the manufacturing process that they undertake. For example, which we will be covering in this post, materials that are used to make shower trays such as resin, filler and pigment create hazardous by-products. These can be extremely bad for the environment, depleting the ozone layer. That is why it is extremely important for businesses to introduce solutions that create a far better outcome with environmentally friendly results.

What is a solvent recycling machine?

A solvent recycling machine processes and filters the contaminated solvent and recycles it to be used again.

Why is a solvent recycling machine so important in becoming environmentally friendly?

In the bathroom industry to create shower trays a casting machine that uses a solvent to clean the mixing and pouring mechanisms automatically flushes after every casting. As the solvent is flushed through the machine it becomes contaminated (naturally) with all of the materials used to make a shower tray. The contaminated solvent would be stored in drums and then disposed of by a company specialising in chemical disposal. This is because the solvents are classed as hazardous waste which is difficult to dispose of and ozone depleting. That is why it is so important to recycle this waste eliminating the need for disposal.

Romans solvent recycling machine

At Roman we have spent a considerable amount on a solvent recycling machine which is housed in a specially designed building. This has seen an 80% recycle rate, dramatically reducing the disposal of contaminated solvent and of the volume of solvent purchased. This has reduced emissions greatly and made us one more step to being carbon neutral.

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