The Oscars at Roman – The Winners

1 March 2016
2 min read

The Nominations for the Newcomer Award are:

  1. The Liber8 Collection
  2. Haven One Door Quadrant
  3. Lumin8 Inward Folding Bath Screen

The winner of the Roman Newcomer Award is The Liber8 Collection

Roman - FB - WIN - Newcomer

The Liber8 Collection presents an exceptional selection of frameless hinged door products in an array of sizes and configurations to fit in with most bathroom layouts. The striking minimalist look of the Liber8 Collection is captured with options such as the door hinged straight from wall with clear seals. This modern collection features a unique wall profile sealing tape system technology, to increase water integrity, whilst also keeping with the minimalist design.

The Nominations for the Innovation Award are:

  1. Decem Expressions – digitally printed glass
  2. The Liber8 Collection
  3. Lumin8 Inswing Door

The winner of the Roman Innovation Award is Decem Expressions – digitally printed glass 

Roman - FB - WIN - Innovation

Decem Expressions is a significant innovation in digital glass printing on wetroom panels – it is an exclusive technology to Roman. Importantly this exclusive digital glass printing is both water resistant and protected against abrasion, which makes it ideal to use in the bathroom. It has initially been launched in three glass design options – Glass Blocks; Rainforest Image; and Distressed Brick. This printed glass technology now allows designers to easily link up other design themes through a Project directly onto a larger and visible position within the bathroom via the glass and there are no restrictions on colour or resolution.

The Nominations for the Innovation Award are:

  1. Lumin8 One Door Quadrant
  2. Lumin8 Wave Walk-In
  3. Lumin8 Outward Folding Bath Screen

The winner of the Roman Space Saving Award is The Lumin8 One Door Quadrant

Roman - FB - WIN - Space Saving

The Lumin8 One Door Quadrant is the ideal solution for the smaller bathroom as it will sit beautifully in the corner of your bathroom, with an unobtrusive sliding door. A ‘quick release’ door system is included for easy access cleaning. If space allows it is also available in an offset version, which presents a larger showering area.