It’s Lauren’s World

Firstly, I think we should start off with pleasantries. My name is Lauren Teasdale and I’m at Roman for a month’s worth of placement related work in the marketing department.  I currently study Advertising at Northumbria University.

My time at Roman first started when I was 7 years old. No, that’s not a typo. I was put forward by my Dad, who has worked here for over 25 years, to hand Tony Blair some flowers as he opened a new extension to the Roman factory in 2002.

Yep, that’s the back of my head.

Yep, that’s the back of my head.


Since then, I have been a returning guest, I returned in 2009 for a week’s work experience, then again for a month and a bit in the summer of 2013 before I headed off to Uni and now we up to date and I’m here again in 2015.

Over the years of coming to Roman to lend a helping hand I feel that my time now, has been the most beneficial. With 2 years of advertising related work under my belt, I have been able to contribute a lot more in the department by doing more marketing related tasks.

image 3

That’s me working

Since being here from the beginning of June I have done tasks that in all honesty, I didn’t think I would be any good at, especially blogs and press releases. But this turned out to be a bit of marketing nerves as I found out I wasn’t too bad at all! I now thoroughly enjoy writing blog posts and press releases as I get to put my own little spin on things.

Other tasks have included competitive market research, product placement, social media marketing and various other jobs in order to help people out in the office.

image 6 image 7

Just some other work I’ve been getting on with

One of the tasks was a bit more hands on in comparison to what I’m used to! In my mind there is no better way to do marketing, than to actually be in the marketing yourself!

So, in my first week here I was asked to be a ‘model’ for the new brochure. This seemed quite daunting at first since I’ve never ever done anything like it before. But with the help of the amazingly soft bath robe and the lovely marketing team there to keep my nerves at bay, I was able to get through the photo shoots.


image 4 image 5Got to have a selfie in there

I’m in to my third week here at Roman and still have another week left. I aim to make the most of the skills that I’ve learnt here and to transfer them into my final year at Uni come September and then further in to future job prospects.

To conclude I would like to thank Roman for having me…again! Especially the marketing team who have not only made me feel welcome but taught me new transferable skills that I can take away with me. Anyone else, who undertakes work experience or placement in the marketing department here, is in for a treat!