Roman Live Below the Line

24 April 2015
2 min read

The marketing department at Roman is preparing to take part in ‘The Live Below the Line Campaign’, which starts on Monday 27th April 2015.


The whole idea of the campaign is to try and only spend £1 a day for 5 days on all food and drink.

We are joining thousands of others across the world to help raise awareness and funds to end one of the biggest issues in the world today – extreme poverty.

When you choose to undertake ‘The Live Below the Line’ challenge you can choose out of 35 UK charities to donate your funds to. We have chosen Save the Children Charity, which works in 120 countries to save children’s lives. The charity helps fight for the children’s rights and helps them to fulfil their potential.

It is sure to be a tough challenge and by the end of the 5 days I’m sure we will all be very hungry and grumpy! But it’s a fantastic campaign to raise awareness of how 1.2 billion people have to live every day – that includes not only food and drink but education, health, housing and travel.

Visit our Twitter and Facebook pages to see how we have been getting on, as we will be posting about our challenge throughout the 5 days.

You can follow our hashtag on Twitter – #surFivers


If you would like to donate to Save the Children charity, you can visit the ‘Live Below the Line’ website here and donate as little as £1.

If you are interested in taking on the challenge yourself or would like more information then you can visit the homepage of ‘Live Below the Line’ at