Bespoke Shower Guides

Did you know that Roman offer a special bespoke service on our extensive range of showering solutions? We have discovered that there is an increasing demand from customers in the UK wanting to design a totally bespoke showering solution. Our Bespoke Showering Solutions Guides have been created to make the process of requesting quotes and ordering the bespoke products as simple and quick for the customer as possible.

Bespoke Decem Hinged Door

We offer two bespoke guides, which include our Bespoke Showroom Guide and Bespoke Decem Guide, which both offer an impressive bespoke service. These bespoke services have been created to cater for your particular requirements.

Both of these Bespoke Showering Guides along with all our brochures can be easily downloaded from our Downloads and Guides section on our website.

Lumin8 Hinged Door with Frosted Glass

The Showroom Bespoke Service presents different design options for our Shower Enclosures, which include reduced height and reduced width, over height and over width. Over height and over width is also an option on specific Wetroom Panels and Bath Screens. We can design the shower enclosure with the glass cut at an angle and shaped or it can be frosted glass.

Our Decem collection presents a range of minimalistic designed products which have been specifically created for bespoke design flexibility. Bespoke options for Decem shower enclosures includes increased height of up to 2.7 metres and reduced height products can be produced. The Decem showering solutions can be created with frosted glass and the glass can be cut at an angle to fit into difficult situations, such as sloping ceilings. You can choose curved or straight hardware and handles to go with your enclosure and an optional bracing bar system can be added for extra support if required.

Both of these dedicated Bespoke Guides have been created to help you to design, specify and obtain a cost for your bespoke product requirements. Each of the Bespoke Guides features a planner in the back, which needs to be completed and sent in to Roman. Once Roman have received the completed form we will send you a quotation confirmation through and once the quotation has been confirmed, we will produce the final illustration of the product and send it back to you. As soon as we have received the final agreement work will start on the bespoke product and it will be completed and delivered top you within four to six weeks.

Decem Hinged Door Bespoke Product

Roman’s Bespoke Service provides tailor made products which will fit almost anywhere, and all products are of course made in accordance with the measurements given. Roman endeavours to offer complete peace of mind and therefore provides exclusive direct delivery and an installation service across our various ranges. Our service makes sure that the site is accurately measured and the products are installed correctly the first time. We also offer added reassurance with our two year installation guarantee and our Truelife Lifetime guarantee on the Roman product.