Roman Showers Then and Roman Showers Now

25 September 2013
3 min read

As a 28 year old company, we’ve been around for quite some time now and we have seen bathroom fashions change dramatically over the years. This inspired us to start a regular feature on our blog, which shows our shower enclosure and bathroom trends ‘back then’ and compares them to the designs now…

Let us take you back to the early noughties and with a look at our curved glass quadrant from our 2000 shower enclosures and bath screens brochure. The Millennium doesn’t seem that long ago, but bathroom design and shower enclosure design has really come on leaps and bounds…

Curved Glass Quadrant Bathrooms Then…

Curved Glass Quadrant

This Curved Glass Quadrant features a glass pattern (our own Victoria pattern) which was stylish back when the product was designed. It is also finished with a white frame – lots of framing at that! The enclosure is also available in gold framing, which was likewise very popular still at this time. The Shower Tray, like the majority of shower trays from around this time, was a high level, with a huge step up and into the enclosure.

The bathroom design features lots of wood panelling and painted walls. Forward thinking for the time, the enclosure incorporates tiles which have a textured marbled effect. The bathroom has lots of decorations, pictures and accessories – a far cry from the minimal look we try to achieve in our modern bathrooms.

Clear glass version of the Curved Glass Quadrant

Here’s a clear glass version of the Curved Glass Quadrant with silver framing. Again the enclosure is in a tiled bay, with another textured style marble effect design. This time the bathroom has laminate flooring, which was also popular at the time.

Curved Glass Quadrant Bathrooms Now…

Desire Frameless One Quadrant Shower Enclosure


Function has become much more important when designing shower enclosures. Our Desire Quadrant features a frameless finish with the sliding mechanism incorporated into the base for a super smooth action. The handles can be operated with a flat hand, making the enclosure accessible. The look is also still equally important, and the Desire Quadrant features minimalist silver framing and clear glass – as much of the framing has been stripped away as possible, for a seamless finish.

We’ve installed the enclosure onto one of our low profile shower trays, which eliminates the step up, again offering easy access, whilst giving a minimalist finish.

The overall bathroom design is very minimalist, and it is fully tiled in line with current bathroom trends. The tiles feature a neutral colour scheme utilising soft creams and beiges.