Our Top Five Enclosures

7 June 2013
2 min read

Although we know we shouldn’t, they are all our babies after all, we can’t help but have our favourite shower enclosures from the Roman ranges! Now that the cat is out of the bag, we may as well share them with you and let you know why…

1. Our Orbital Colossus Enclosure – why? We love that it is a true bath replacement. It has been designed with a footprint of 1700 x 700mm so it perfectly slots into your bathroom to modernise your space and replace your bath. Its curved glass then bows out to present a specious showering area. The Orbital Colossus Walk-in was the first true bath replacement available, and in our eyes is the best.

2. Embrace Three Panel Sliding Door – what makes ours different? This is a sliding shower door enclosure with a twist. It has an ‘active’ middle door which sees the door opening further to create a wider aperture for effortless entry.

3. Desire 8mm Curved Glass Quadrant – what’s so special about a quadrant shower enclosure, you may ask? Well we’ve designed ours so the sliding mechanism is in the base, allowing it to be frameless at the top. This gives it a modern minimalist twist, whilst the 8mm thick glass gives a quality finish.

4. Sculptures Corner Panel with Concealed Profile – we have taken the minimalist wetroom look one step further with our concealed profile. This can be channelled into the wall, so the profile is totally hidden, for a totally frameless finish which still allows for some adjustment. It is also available with the option of a return panel for added water integrity.

5. Freestanding Sculptures Walk-in – well the picture really speaks for itself here. The Freestanding Walk-in is a true statement enclosure. Probably bigger than many peoples’ actual bathrooms, but a real show stopper none-the-less! If you’re lucky enough to have the space, it’s the perfect centrepiece for your bathroom.

Don’t forget – all Roman enclosures and bath screens feature Roman Ultra Care pre-coated glass protection, for easy cleaning and lasting sparkle. They also carry our service backed lifetime guarantee.