Creating an Easy Clean Bathroom


If there is one job the majority of us really don’t look forward to, it’s cleaning. The bathroom in particular can prove a real tough job. At Roman this is something we consider when developing and designing products, to help you create an easy to clean showering space. If easy clean is a priority for you in your bathroom, then here are our top tips on the key features to look out for when purchasing your shower enclosure…


Glass Protection

Pre-coated Glass Protection

This is where a coating is added to your glass shower enclosure or bath screen, which is designed to prevent water, dirt, grime and limescale from sticking to the glass. This makes cleaning easier and helps your product stay looking new for longer.

Top Tip

Where possible pick a product which features a glass coating that can be topped up on an on-going basis. Otherwise the pre-coat will gradually diminish over time. Our Ultra Care Pre-coated glass protection can be topped up using Ultra Care in a bottle.

Sculptures Linear Shower Panel

Install a Level Access Showering Facility

Whether you pick a wetroom, or decide to install a low level tray sunken into your floor, both allow you to easily clean the floor through with a mop and bucket, as you wash your tiles.

Top Tip

Pick wall hung sanitryware so you can easily mop underneath – this eliminates many of those awkward nooks and crannies.

Install a Folding Bath Screens

With many of us still showering over the bath, if you are adding a bath screen, pick one which is hinged or folds away. This will allow easier access for cleaning, and avoid you needing to lean and manoeuvre around a screen.

Lookout for ‘Quick Release’

If you pick a sliding door enclosure, or a quadrant enclosure, lookout for products which say they are ‘quick release’ for easy cleaning. This allows you to get into those hard to reach places and keep your product looking spic-and-span.

Sculptures Corner Panel with Concealed Profile

Go Frameless

Often the tricky part about cleaning is getting around all the profiles. If you are not restricted by budget, then go for a minimalist enclosure. A frameless wetroom panel offers totally easy maintenance.

Top Tip

If you live in a hard water area, we recommend using a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water, periodically to clean your enclosure. Leave it on for 5 minutes and rinse down – this helps eliminate the need for harsh chemicals in the bathroom.

Pick a Showerhead with a Hand Shower

Pick a Showerhead with a Hand Shower

When choosing your showerhead, a drench head can look great, but is not so practical when it comes to cleaning. A handheld showerhead allows you to easily rinse down your shower enclosure after cleaning. There are multi-function shower heads available which offer the best of both worlds – a dramatic drench head teamed with a hand shower can make a practical as well as a stylish addition.

Top Tip

If you are installing a similarly straight glass product, a squeegee can be a useful time saver and cleaning tool.