Our first 2013 #WaterWednesday on Twitter Review

We’ve been getting involved in #waterwednesday on Twitter for a few months now, and have had some great feedback and tips from businesses and consumers alike this year. Here is a summary of a few tips and tweets that caught our eye:


Our  tips and tweets about Water Wednesday…

2013 Water Wednesday Tip Roman 1 2013 Water Wednesday Tip Roman 2 2013 Water Wednesday Tip Roman 3 2013 Water Wednesday Tip Roman 4 2013 Water Wednesday Tip Roman 5

  • Save Water by having a shower daily instead of a bath, saving about 40% of water used!
  • Water Tip: Bought a new dishwasher? They’re more efficient & pre-rinse for you so no need to rinse dishes under the tap 1st
  • Our Tip: Water your garden at the coolest point of the day to avoid the water evaporating.
  • Next time you boil eggs use the cooled leftover water for your plants & the nutrients in the shells is also good for them!
  • Our #waterwednesday tip: Install water butts to collect water in wet months to use in summer months. Big bin to catch rain water works too.

Your Tips

Green Cross, mission is to respond to the combined challenges of security, poverty and environmental degradation to ensure a sustainable and secure future for all.:

  • A dripping tap can typically waste around 15 litres of #water a day #waterwednesday

You can follow them  on Twitter at: @GreenCrossInt

Soothing Showers, a British based company promoting a natural beauty regime, tweeting about showering, grooming and aromotherapy.

2013 Water Wednesday Tip SS 1 2013 Water Wednesday Tip SS 2 2013 Water Wednesday Tip SS 3

  • Save #water by ensuring you are turning the tap off properly every time you leave the bathroom or kitchen!
  • Avoid flushing cotton wool & make-up tissues. Throwing them in the bin reduces the #water that’s wasted by every flush.
  • Try and have shorter #showers – it is both better for your #skin and prevents it from drying out, and saves #water!

Follow Soothing Showers on Twitter at: @SoothingShowers

ElliotElliot312 on twitter said:

2013 Water Wednesday Tip EE 1

  • Save 150 gallons (and $!!!) each month by shortening your shower just 1 or 2 minutes. We’re rooting for you!

Get Involved

Tweet us your water saving tips using #waterwednesday every Wednesday. If you don’t have a twitter account you can always post them on the Roman Facebook page, use the comments box below, or e-mail them in to marketing@roman-showers.com