Roman Takes a Staring Role on Half Built House & You Deserve this House

ROman take a starring role

Roman have regularly received requests from big name shows such as Cowboy
Builders and DIY SOS, for products to be included within home make-overs, so
it was no surprise when we were approached by two new programmes
to see if we could help the with some fantastic and major home renovations…
Half Built House You Deserve this House DIY SOS Cowboy Builders
Half Built House Half Built House
Half Built House
Feaured Products
Half Built house is a new home make-over show on Channel 5 that helps people who have had major DIY disasters that have left their homes in a shocking state.
Roman was called in to help renovate a bathroom in a property in Exeter. We provided our Embrace Sliding Door, an Infinity Tray to suit and our RVE005 Shower Valve.
The show aired on Tuesday 12th July at 8pm. Watch it here on Channel5 Online.

You Deserve this Hosue You Deserve this House
Featured Products
This home make-over show is presented by Amanda Lamb. The home make-overs are carried out
as a surprise for the homeowners, who have all been put forward as heroes of their community.
Roman helped out with a number of surprise make-overs for these well deserving recipients.
We supplied a mix of 4 different bath screens and our Collage Corner Entry Enclosure.
We have so far featured in four episodes, which you can access via 4OD on the links below.
We were featured in the following episodes dated:9th July, 10th July, 12th July and 17th July.
Make Over 1
Episode 31:Irene has spent years caring for people with mental health problems, but now it’s her turn for some TLC as Amanda Lamb and the team renovates her home. Screen featured is the Embrace Folding Bath Screen.
Make Over 1
Episode 33: Amanda Lamb and the team have just two days to make over the home of foster carer Maria Henry in Tottenham, before she returns from an overnight break.Screen featured is the Orbital
Folding Bath Screen.

Watch this space for a massive episode that Roman was involved with, due to air in the autumn. We
helped with 3 bathroom make-overs supplying, enclosures, trays, a showerhead and a bath screen.
Cowboy Builders Cowboy Builders
A massive make-over where we supplied a luxury Sculptures Enclosure, an Infinity Tray, a shower
valve, a shower stool and a shower basket. To be aired in the autumn.