Tackling Your Small Bathroom Part 2

Our look at small bathrooms and overcoming space restrictions continues… Read Part 1 here

Although there is a wide selection of space saving solutions available, some bathrooms will simply not allow for both a bath and a separate shower enclosure. But with the fast paced modern lifestyle we lead, showering has become the main way we clean ourselves – it is seen as the quick and most hygienic way to keep clean, so showering facilities are a must. If your bathroom is too small for both a separate shower enclosure and a bath, you have two options:


Tackling Your Small Bathroom Part 1

With the average UK bathroom getting smaller, planning out a bathroom is becoming a more difficult task, particularly if you want both a shower enclosure and a bath included. Designers and manufacturers of bathroom equipment are always looking for new and innovative ways to get round this issue of space, or more accurately, the lack of it. There is a wide selection of space saving solutions on the market and with showering this is no exception.


Showering you with ideas…Choosing your Valve

A key trend is for more gadgets in the bathroom, this has been encouraged by the introduction of items such as flat screen televisions, which can be enjoyed whilst showering or bathing. This kind of technology has now seen the addition of more high-tech bathroom products. Remote operated digital valves are growing in popularity, as is integrated water delivery, where the water delivery is incorporated into the enclosure. The valve can be incorporated into the bracing of the enclosure and this is a contemporary way to turn the practical bracing into a striking design feature. Alternatively it can be bolted through the glass panel, allowing the valve to be operated from inside and outside of the enclosure. It brings a modern high-tech look to the bathroom.


A Right Royal Visit

Yesterday was a fantastic day for Roman, we were graced with a visit from HRH The Earl of Wessex KG KCVO. He came along to help us celebrate our 25th anniversary in style. The visit was originally scheduled for the 2nd December, but due to the freak snow we had around that time, it was called off at the last minute. Thankfully this time everything went to plan and His Royal Highness arrived promptly at 2.55pm.


Wonderful Wetrooms

A real minimalist statement is created with the Sculptures
At Roman, wetrooms is always a hot topic. We just think they are fab! And for so many reasons…
Wetrooms are such a flexible product, and are available in so many varieties that there is something for every style, size and shaped bathroom. They offer a minimalist look in line with current trends, giving a stylish finish to any bathrooms. However, many people are still worried that they may leak. Wetrooms are common place in many European countries and in some countries it is part of the building regulations that the bathroom must be tanked. This makes sense – you are simply water-proofing a room which is constantly filled with water. By tanking the bathroom you are building up a series of comprehensive barriers to keep the room water-tight.