The Commercial Team Build the Products on Set

Behind the Scenes on a Roman Photography Shoot

Our Finished Product Shots may look super polished, but it takes a great deal of hard work to get them looking that way. With the launch of our brand new Decem Shower Enclosure range currently taking place, we have recently completed a massive week long photo-shoot, to enable us to create the stunning new brochure. What a perfect opportunity to take you behind the scenes, so you can see just what goes in to creating these pictures…


World Population Day 2013

The 11th July is World Population Day. This year the focus is on Adolescent Pregnancy.

World population is something which was recently brought up at the BMA AGM, with a particular focus on why we need to be water efficient. In the UK, our population is continuing to grow, which is seeing pressure put on all kinds of resources. In the UK we perceive ourselves as a wet nation and therefore we might not really consider water usage as much as we should. Although not in keeping with the theme, we thought we’d still mark World Population day with one of our popular infographs around the theme of saving water…