Decem Wetroom Panel & Optional L Return Panel with Exposed Profile

A Guide to Walk-in and Wetroom Showers

Here at Roman we pride ourselves on being the leader in innovation, design and quality and at the forefront of bathroom and showering trends. The latest trends of Shower Enclosures include Walk-in Shower Enclosures and Wetroom Showers, which Roman offers a diverse collection of. However, many of you will only change your showering space once every 10 years, so you may not be aware of the latest styles of Shower Enclosures out there. To help you to get to grips with all the latest designs, here is a guide to some of Roman’s most popular Walk-in Shower Enclosures and Wetroom Showers.


A Quick Guide to Shower Enclosures

At Roman we have been designing and manufacturing showering products for over 28 years, so we understand every aspect of creating a perfect showering space. However, for many people installing a new showering space only happens once every 10 years, so it can seem a daunting task when faced with so many different options. To help get you started, here’s a guide to the most popular and common different shaped shower enclosures available and an overview of their advantages and any disadvantages…

Sculptures Angled Walk-in

Your Bathroom Top 5

We launched our Your Bathrooms section at the beginning of this year and it is fast becoming one of our most popular areas on the website. The Your Bathrooms section was created to showcase Roman products in real bathroom make-over situations, to help visitors to the site get inspired for their own bathroom renovations. We are delighted to have had so many fantastic submissions and as the section grows, we thought now would be a good time to pick out some of our Your Bathrooms highlights. Here’s our top 5 so far…

The Commercial Team Build the Products on Set

Behind the Scenes on a Roman Photography Shoot

Our Finished Product Shots may look super polished, but it takes a great deal of hard work to get them looking that way. With the launch of our brand new Decem Shower Enclosure range currently taking place, we have recently completed a massive week long photo-shoot, to enable us to create the stunning new brochure. What a perfect opportunity to take you behind the scenes, so you can see just what goes in to creating these pictures…