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Roman bring the sparkle back!

On Friday 5th June, Cowboy Builders took us to Worchester to meet the Webster family, Sally, Gavin, Lewis, 14 and Josh, 12. They had ideally moved into their dream home, until an agreement with the old tenants to take the shower out turned into something a bit more drastic. 

Inclusive Bathroom Products

Inclusive Bathroom Products

Roman’s products are designed for all, as we consider all different users’ needs to give completely effortless entry to the entire family. We make sure that our showering portfolio will be appreciated by everyone regardless of age and health as all our product styling is contemporary, minimalist and inclusive.

Decem Xpress Rapid Bespoke Service

Roman’s Decem Xpress rapid bespoke service is for key products in the Decem range, this range features 10mm thick glass and the shower enclosures stand at a height of 2000mm.

A Quick Guide to Shower Enclosures

At Roman we have been designing and manufacturing showering products for over 28 years, so we understand every aspect of creating a perfect showering space. However, for many people installing a new showering space only happens once every 10 years, so it can seem a daunting task when faced with so many different options. To…

World Population Day 2013

The 11th July is World Population Day. This year the focus is on Adolescent Pregnancy. World population is something which was recently brought up at the BMA AGM, with a particular focus on why we need to be water efficient. In the UK, our population is continuing to grow, which is seeing pressure put on…