How To Create The Ultimate Wellness Bathroom

Design Ideas and Tips From The Experts

The term “wellness bathroom” made a popular appearance a couple of years ago and perhaps has been prompted as an even more important theme to follow in your bathroom design since the pandemic. To truly master and usher the spa-like feel to your bathroom, consider some of our steps.

What actually is a wellness bathroom?

A wellness bathroom considers a fine balance that brings well-being in the mind and health of the user, particularly within their bathroom space. For example, most individuals find tidying therapeutic and associate cleanliness with alleviating stress and feeling relaxed.

Organising well can lead to a simplistic and minimal bathroom design by finding a better way to declutter and store toiletries.

In this blog we can help you achieve the perfect wellness bathroom.


Minimalist bathrooms are functional, precise and often stark. The neat and uncluttered style is achieved by eliminating most of the decor or using functional items to double as decor. The result is pleasant, roomy and improves your bathroom space efficiency. An example of this could be removing all bottles from the vanity to a hidden but tidy space such as placing them inside drawers or inside mirrored cupboards even putting them on a rack that fits inside the shower enclosure for better organisation.


You don’t have to hide away everything in minimalist bathrooms but better organisation of toiletries can help with relaxation through a calm and clutter-free environment. There are also the benefits of starting (or ending) the day on a good note as well as saving time when getting ready.

For example, our Roman Showering Accessories rack or a similar functioning product.

When your bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash is all at an arms-reach during your shower, you are getting ready at the convenience of your organised space.

What shower enclosure is best for my spa-like sanctuary?

When it comes to designing a wellness space, there’s no set style, rather a few guiding principles to consider.

Don’t plonk a huge bathtub in that you’re never going to use, especially if you only have a small space to work with. Alcove shower fittings work as wonderful solutions for tighter spaces.

The Roman Alcove fitting with the Brushed Nickle finish is a durable and sleek design that looks phenomenal in any bathroom setting.

Alternatively, fold in shower screens are remarkable space savers not to mention practical and flexible. An ideal solution for smaller bathrooms is finding a shower enclosure with an unobtrusive fold-in… 

If you are someone that has the luxury of working with a bigger bathroom space, another stylish and simple touch is the inclusion of a Wet room.

The Roman Embrace Wetroom Panel is a minimal and smart design move when aiming for that sleek and pristine finish.

What about bathroom accessories and simple touches?

Dry flowers can be delicate and tasteful addition to any room, cacti and succulents are another bonny addition for a bathroom.

On another note, the best room in the house for fresh plants is the bathroom. Plants love the high humidity of the bathroom. Even if your bathroom is dark and windowless, and even if you are a terrible plant keeper, you can have success by keeping the right plants in your bathroom.

Most natural materials should feel calm, uncluttered and have a freshness about them, allowing you to enjoy your daily ritual.

We’ll end on this summary with the main tips to take from the article.

Key elements and above all to creating the ultimate wellness bathroom is having good storage, natural materials and a tailored-to-you shower enclosure that complements the space and interior.