Why protective COVID-19 screens used in shops, offices and restaurants are so important?

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that our daily lives have been affected greatly, many businesses have put safety measures into place to protect their staff and customers. An effective way of doing this is by installing safety screens. You will have seen these in shops and some restaurants, but with the increase in people going back to work in offices and other industries how important and effective are they really? This blog will explain why they are so important and show you a few examples of protective COVID-19 glass screen designs.

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Why are protective COVID-19 screens so important?

COVID-19 protective safety screens help block the transmissions of respiratory droplets that are released when speaking, sneezing and coughing. This is why they are so important as the COVID-19 is believed to be transmitted from person to person by these droplets. They also give people peace of mind and confidence in that they can begin to live, work and enjoy post-lockdown life in a safe protective manner. It is now more than ever so important that these screens are used across all business. This is because people are engaging with each other on a more social and public level. In order to stop any potential spread of COVID-19, safety screens being put into places such as shops, restaurants and offices give that extra protective hygienic layer to people’s daily lives.  

What types of COVID-19 safety screens are there?

There are many different types of COVID-19 safety screens, these include plastic and glass screens with different functionalities for different sectors, such as cut-out screens for shops or simpler free-standing screens for offices. We recommend glass screens as they are more durable and hygienic. They are also more ascetically pleasing for those shops and restaurants that need that extra quality and craftsmanship for their business. At Roman we manufacture and design safety screens, we have and can also cater to those that need specialist bespoke designs.

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Roman COVID-19 Safety Screens

All Roman Safety Screens are made from 6mm toughened safety glass. The feet are precision CNC cut 12mm Glacier White Corian stone and have strong double-sided tape beneath them to hold them in place. They offer a tight fit around the glass and can be positioned to suit the installation prior to the tape being activated. These screens are available as standard reception safety screens and desk safety screens with bespoke services available if needed.

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In this time of crisis, we believe that now more than ever, safety screens are so important to contain and stop the risk of the spread of COVID-19. Safety screens help stop the transmissions of respiratory droplets through speaking, sneezing and coughing which is believed to be the known cause of the spread of the virus.

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