Frameless Innov8 Bi-Fold Additions

In August we will be introducing some new additions to our Innov8 Range of 8mm frameless shower enclosures. 

Innov8 Pivot Door

The new products that will be added to Roman’s Innov8 Collection include the Bi-Fold Door, Bi-Fold Door with inline panel and Bi-Fold Panels for wetroom installation. Roman’s 8mm range of shower enclosures has been innovated to remove the top and bottom framing to create an inclusive product for all users. 

The leading feature of the Innov8 Range is inclusive design as this range features level access, elimination of the top rail, which offers flexibility with no height restrictions and a modern ergonomic handle. 

Innov8 Bi-Fold Door – launching August 2018 

Our new Bi-Fold Door can be installed into an alcove or corner situation and there is also the option of a Bi-Fold Door with Inline for a larger enclosure size. The Bi-Fold Door from this 8mm collection presents inclusive design by introducing complete level access entry into the shower enclosure as the bottom rail is eliminated. There is no frame on the top of the enclosure which presents a minimalist look and flexibility as there is no height restriction. The inward opening nature of this new Bi-Fold Door creates a space saving shower enclosure in the bathroom. 

Innov8 Bi-Fold Door with Inline Panellaunching August 2018

The other exciting new product launching in September is the Bi-Fold Panels for corner or alcove fitting. These Bi-Fold Panels add a completely inclusive solution to the bathroom. They pivot outwards and straight back to the wall, presenting a large and open space to access the showering area. The bottom rail has been eliminated which creates true level access and we recommend installing straight to floor using our Roman Shield Wetroom System for the look and access of a wetroom. 

Innov8 Bi-Fold Panels – launching September 2018

The outstanding differential of the Innov8 Range is the low threshold (reduced height of the bottom rail), allowing level entry access into the shower enclosure. The elimination of the top rail and profiles and the low threshold, encapsulates the minimalist styling, whilst still retaining the water integrity and adjustments of standard shower enclosures.