Roman are proud to be a British Manufacturer

27 April 2016
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Roman would like to wish Her Majesty The Queen a Happy 90th Birthday! We are very proud to be a British manufacturer and as a wholly British company it is part of our heritage and integral to who we are. Being a British manufacturer is something to shout about!

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PHOTO CAPTION: Roman wishing Her Majesty The Queen a Happy 90th Birthday

British made products have a great name for quality around the world and Roman now export to 48 countries.

There are numerous advantages to being a British manufacturer and to choosing to purchase from a British manufacturer. We are able to be much more flexible with our lead times, volume variants and minimum order quantities. Products ordered will be built the following day for quick despatch so you don’t need to store large stock of products. Another key advantage to manufacturing our products in the UK is that we can ensure product quality. We can carefully monitor the quality of all products, in a way that would not be possible if we were manufacturing them overseas. All of our products are CE marked; have individual tracking codes; have a digital image before box lid is added; and are weighed to within 25 grams as a final check.

By manufacturing in the UK we are able to be much more flexible and reactive as a supplier, which is vital in today’s challenging marketing conditions, allowing us to quickly respond and make product improvements and developments where required. We can quickly launch new product additions to meet trends and we can offer a bespoke service to tailor make products, which has become crucial in the contract market.

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PHOTO CAPTION: Our Made in Britain Branding Badge is on all of our products 

In a practical sense, buying from a British manufacturer can mean superior Customer Service. We have an in house Customer Service team who are able to offer total support because they are not only trained in how to install products, but they are also fully trained on the manufacture of the products. Being based in our headquarters, they also have quick and easy access to production design to resolve any unusual queries. They also have access to our raw materials so they can send out any replacement parts where necessary.

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PHOTO CAPTION: Roman’s Manufacturing Plant in County Durham 

Roman capitalise on the fact that the Made in Britain logo not only appeals to the UK market but it is also seen as a major selling point in Commonwealth countries and other key international markets. Products that are Made in Britain are now being seen as higher quality. It is particularly important in the Middle East and Asia.

The commercial benefits of UK manufacture are now increasingly compelling and must be embraced and clearly communicated by manufacturers – the balance has now shifted firmly back to the UK and needs to be capitalised upon.

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PHOTO CAPTION: Roman’s Decem Sliding Door Shower Enclosure with Made in Britain Logo