Roman Ultra Care Shower Cleaner and Protector

8 April 2016
3 min read

Roman has an award winning bathroom protector, which has a 10 year track record for successfully protecting Roman’s extensive product range. All Roman Shower Enclosures, Bath Screens, Wetroom Panels and Walk-Ins incorporate Roman’s Ultra Care, which creates a chemical barrier, providing protection against the build-up of grime, limescale and stains.

Roman Ultra care

PHOTO CAPTION: Roman Ultra Care

All glass surfaces have a non-smooth finish which can attract the build-up of particles. Roman Ultra Care provides an invisible protective film which seamlessly seals the surface to ensure this build-up does not bond to the glass and the glass retains its optical clarity for lasting sparkle.

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PHOTO CAPTION: Before coating with Ultra Care

Image 3

PHOTO CAPTION: After coating with Ultra Care

We present Roman Ultra Care in a bottle, so you can top up the glass protection system every time you clean, reducing the time required to clean the glass and bathroom surfaces. Roman Ultra Care is the ultimate bathroom cleaning product, which is designed to give all your bathroom surfaces a lasting sparkle. Roman Ultra Care cleaner repels the build-up of grime, limescale and stains, so the more you clean your bathroom the more you protect it. The cleaner is compatible for use on glass shower screens and shower enclosures; tiles; shower seals; aluminium frames; taps; shower trays and baths. You can also keep your bathroom mirrors, shower baskets and bathroom accessories sparkling clean with Roman Ultra Care.


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PHOTO CAPTION: Roman Ultra Care Shower, Tile and Bath Restoration and Maintenance Kit

We also offer the perfect bathroom cleaning and restoration kit, Roman Ultra Care Shower, Tile and Bath Restoration and Maintenance Kit. This Roman Ultra Care Cleaning Kit is a three stage kit which will give your bathroom a deep cleanse, treat surfaces and provide on going protection, whilst also being kind to the environment. The first step is the Ultra Care Scrub which removes the build-up of minerals, rust, soaps, oils and limescale without damaging the surface and it can be used on all bathroom hard surfaces including glass, porcelain and ceramics. The second step is applying the Ultra Shield which is a glass and surface treatment to create a water, soil and stain repellent barrier on all bathroom surfaces. It will prevent grime from sticking to surfaces which allows for easier cleaning. The final step is the Ultra Care which tops up the Ultra Shield coating with every use and it should be applied as part of your weekly cleaning routine. All three parts of this kit are also designed so you can eliminate the use of harsh chemicals from your cleaning routine.

Both of these products can be bought from our sister company, Roman at Home (, which is an online homewares retailer.