Roman Newcomer Award

Roman Oscars - newcomer award

Nomination 1 – The Liber8 Collection – Click Here 

The new Liber8 Collection is freed from the shackles of traditional bathroom design, with its ultra-modern and minimalist focus. This exceptional collection of frameless hinged door products presents an array of sizes and configurations to fit in with most bathroom layouts.

Nomination 2 – Haven One Door Quadrant – Click Here

The polished sliding door design of the new Haven One Door Quadrant presents a stylish and perfect space saving solution for any bathroom. It features smooth gliding doors, which allow for existing bathroom furniture, whilst also providing a large and luxurious showering area.

Nomination 3 – Lumin8 Inward Folding Bath Screen – Click Here

This new addition to Roman’s extensive collection of bath screens provides an indulgent over the bath shower experience. It is minimalist in its styling and is power shower approved. It features one fixed panel and one inward moving panel, which provides easy access into the bath for showering and cleaning.

Roman Innovation Award

Roman Oscars - innovation award

Nomination 1 – Decem Expressions – Click Here

Decem Expressions is a significant innovation in digital glass printing on wetroom panels and it is an exclusive technology to Roman. It is both water resistant and protected against abrasion, which makes it ideal to use in the bathroom. Roman has initially launched it in three glass design options – Glass Block; Rainforest Image; and Distressed Brick.

Nomination 2 – The Liber8 Collection – Click Here

The Liber8 Collection is truly minimalistic with its 8mm frameless glass. The striking minimalist look is captured with options such as the door hinged straight from wall with clear minimal seals. It features a unique wall profile sealing tape system technology, to increase water integrity, whilst also keeping with the minimalist design.

Nomination 3 – Lumin8 Inswing Door Enclosure – Click Here

The unique opening of the Inswing Door means that it doesn’t open out into the room as much as a pivot door or a hinged door enclosure would, but still offers the wide access opening. The door incorporates ‘soft-close’ pistons to provide a luxury smooth door, when opened and closed. It features chromed brass hinges at the top and bottom of the door with smooth stainless steel pivoting arms. The unique opening mechanism allows for existing bathroom fixtures and fittings.

Roman Space Saving Award

Roman Oscars - space saving award

Nomination 1 – Lumin8 One Door Quadrant – Click Here

The Lumin8 One Door Quadrant is the ideal solution for the smaller bathroom as it will sit beautifully in the corner of your bathroom with an unobtrusive sliding door. It is also available in an offset version, which provides a larger showering area, where space allows.

Nomination 2 – Lumin8 Wave Walk-In – Click Here

The Lumin8 Wave Walk-in will make a beautiful style statement in any bathroom, with its stunning curves. It was first launched in a 1200mm size, which makes it a key space saving product and ideal for the smaller bathroom.

Nomination 3 – Lumin8 Outward Folding Bath Screen – Click Here

This outward opening bath screen is designed to work around your existing fixtures and fittings, whilst offering an indulgent showering experience. It features one fixed panel and one outward opening panel, which hinges stop at 90 degrees to avoid contact with basins and furniture.