Cowboy Builders, Friday 5th June

20 July 2015
2 min read

On Friday 5th June, Cowboy Builders took us to Worchester to meet the Webster family, Sally, Gavin, Lewis, 14 and Josh, 12.

They had ideally moved into their dream home, until an agreement with the old tenants to take the shower out turned into something a bit more drastic.

Upon moving in, they noticed that their en suite bathroom had completely been ripped out; everything from the toilet to the tiles on the walls had gone along with the shower. This left a bit of a foul stench in the house, unaware of the cause the family continued to put up with the smell until they had enough. No one should be made to shower with a peg on their nose!

Bathroom Before

Bathroom Before


What made their situation worse is that they want to be foster parents. Sally works with under privileged young people and Gavin was fostered when he was 2 years old for a couple years. He wants to give back the warm, loving experience that he was able to enjoy and give someone who is less fortunate a good start in life.

Laura, Dan, Ed and the team set off to work planning a brand new bathroom which would cover up the horrible smelly sewage drains and put and stop to the stink once and for all. The design team chose the Infinity White Shimmer Shower Tray which added a bit of sparkle into the family’s now modern bathroom and shower enclosure, this was accompanied by the Embrace Wetroom Shower Panel.



When the en-suite bathroom was revealed the whole family were took by surprise, with Sally adding “It looks so much bigger!”

Even the kids were impressed:

Lewis, 14 said “This bathroom is amazing, it’ll allow our parents to be happy now” and his brother Josh, 12 adding “It’s smashing!”

The family were more than happy with the finished results and said are looking forward to their new fostering life.

Roman’s shower tray might have also impressed someone else…

Designer, Ed: “They’ve got a nice sparkly new bathroom”

Presenter, Sarah: “You love that tray!”

A job well done for everyone involved!

For the Infinity Shimmer Shower Tray range and the Embrace Wetroom Panel, visit the Roman website or request a brochure.