Roman Live Below the Line – Final Day

1 May 2015
2 min read

It is our final day of the ‘Live Below the Line’ challenge and it is safe to say that we are all feeling exhausted, sluggish, a real lack of concentration and of course hungry!


A pic from day 2 lunches in the office

A pic from day 2 lunches in the office

Today we are all yawning and have no energy at all but we are staying strong and remembering why we are taking this challenge. For the full 5 days all I could think about and all the team was talking about was our next meal and the real lack of food choice has been extremely humbling.

Very importantly it was only through doing this challenge and experiencing this hunger and lack of choice that we have been given a completely different perspective on the lives of those living in extreme poverty.

These 5 days have been a real eye opener for the marketing team at Roman and we really have been overwhelmed at how much we take food for granted. We now have the choice to stop living on £1 a day and go back to eating what and how much food we desire. We are looking forward to going back to eating three full meals with snacks tomorrow and of course our caffeine fixes and perhaps a glass or two of wine.

But for too many people they don’t have a choice – living on £1 a day is for life! Astoundingly statistics show that last year more than an astonishing 1.2 billion people around the world survived on less than £1 a day. Meanwhile here in the UK we waste a colossus amount of food, by buying too much, not eating it and just throwing it away.

The ‘Live Below the Line’ challenge will certainly make us aware of how much money we spend on food in the future and to appreciate every single bite. This campaign has been fantastic for showing people how much choice we have and we hope that we have helped to raise awareness of those who have another day without that choice.

The team at Roman have all found this a real challenge and we have to ask ourselves how we would cope with the harsh reality of extreme poverty…