Product Focus: Roman’s Orbital Colossus

26 February 2013
4 min read

The Orbital Colossus is one of our longest standing products. It was originally launched in 2001 as the first true Bath Replacement Walk-in available on the market. It has since gone through a number of redesigns, to ensure it continued to remain in line with modern trends. This has seen it develop into a stylishly minimalist bath replacement enclosure, which offers total ease of access for all.

Orbital Colosus in an Alcove

Our Orbital Colossus as it is now, installed into and alcove, with the Roman Stone Low Level Tray.

Key Features

The Orbital Colossus features a 1700 x 700mm footprint, this ensures it will perfectly replace your bath. This is particularly important if you have a window or doorframe directly next to your bath. However, to ensure a spacious showering area, the Colossus then bows out into the room, making use of this often unused space.

The Colossus Walk-in features curved one-piece clear glass, for a seamless minimalist look. It comes with the option of a frameless end panel, allowing you to install it into either an alcove or a corner.

Like all Roman Shower Enclosures and Bath Screens, the Orbital Colossus includes Roman Ultra Care Pre-coated Glass Protection. This makes for easy cleaning and keeps the enclosure looking new for longer. It also carries the Roman Truelife, Lifetime Guarantee, for total peace of mind.

The Roman Stone Low Level Colossus Tray

The Roman Stone Low Level Colossus Tray

Orbital Roman Stone Tray

The Orbital Colossus can be installed straight-to-floor, in a true wetroom, or for a quick and easy installation, we have developed a product specific Roman Stone Low Level Shower Tray. The Roman Stone Tray is manufactured from a solid surface material which is self-reinforcing. This allows it to be installed straight down to joists, so that when it is tiled up to, total level access is achieved. This gives an simulated wetroom look, with the peace of mind and ease of installation associated with a shower tray.

The Colossus Roman Stone Shower Tray features a matt finish and includes a designer chrome waste, for a statement look. The solid surface nature of the tray means they are hardwearing and the same material throughout. If a chip or scratch does appear, or if the shower tray is marked, they can be repaired by simply sanding the mark away.

Effortless Access

The Colossus Walk-in Enclosure is perfect for the whole family, ideal for multi-generational homes, and will continue to remain a perfect showering solution over the years. It features door-less entry, eliminating doors and handles, whilst also presenting level access with its low profile tray. By replacing your bath with the Orbital Colossus, you ensure effortless bathing for the family.

Our 1450mm Colossus installed to a Roman Stone Low Level Tray

Our 1450mm Colossus installed to a Roman Stone Low Level Tray

1450mm Mini Colossus

With the popularity of our Orbital Colossus, we created a mini-version which is ideal for use in en-suites and where you perhaps don’t want to sacrifice the bath. The Mini Colossus Walk-in Enclosure features a 1450mm x 700mm footprint and like it’s big brother, can be installed with an end panel for a corner, or alone into an alcove. The 1450mm Colossus can be installed straight-to-floor, or to a product specific Roman Stone Shower Tray.

Colossus Over the Years

As one of or longest standing products, the Colossus has certainly gone through a number of transformations, here’s a look back at it over the years…

The Colossus was originally available with White Framing,
which was popular at time of launch. Note the high level tray to suit.

To ensure ease of access we created a low level shower tray, which we
scooped Best Bathroom Product for in 2004 at the House Beautiful Awards.

We also offered the option of installing straight-to-floor at the same time.

When we first moved to one piece glass we also offered the option of an Integrated Shower Valve.