Roman Product Focus: Roman Shield Complete Wetroom Kits

14 November 2012
3 min read

As the bathroom has moved away from a commodity room and transformed into a stylish retreat, wetrooms are becoming increasingly popular. They offer a stylish boutique finish, which is in keeping with the spa-like theme that so many of us are looking to create. However there is still a lot of mystery around wetrooms, and many of us are wary of them. That’s why Roman created the Roman Shield Complete Wetroom Kits which contains everything you need to waterproof your room in one easy to use kit.

Orbital Curved Wetroom Panel

The Complete Wetroom Kit is available in a range of options, it suit your own needs. Our most comprehensive pack is designed to make it the installation process as simple as possible…

Complete Wetroom Kit Contents:


Our Pre-formed Shower Floor which is designed to be installed directly onto your joists – sits underneath the tanking and the tiles/vinyl flooring. The Pre-formed Shower Floor is made from a solid surface material, which is cast with a natural fall towards the waste, so the water will flow out of the showering area correctly. This eliminates the need to use a levelling compound to create this fall yourself. The self-reinforcing nature of the solid surface material means it can be installed to timber, floating and concrete floors. The off-centre waste is designed to avoid joists and the floor can be trimmed by 50mm around the edge, to further avoid the joists. For total peace of mind the Pre-formed Shower Floor carries a 10 year guarantee.

Roman Shield Tanking Kit

Also in the pack is the Roman Shield Tanking Kit 2, which includes 2 litres of Primer, 9kgs of Roman Tanking Compound, Roman Shield Tape and an Outlet Sleeve. Alongside these essential elements, it also contains pre-made corners and pipe-sleeves – this eliminates the need for you to create them yourself out of the tanking tape, for a quick, easy and secure installation. It also includes a step by step installation breakdown.

To complete the kit we also include a Waste which is compatible for use with tiles.

The entire kit will tank a space of up to 10m². To make the installation even easier, we have created a step-by-step video installation guide. This guides you through every step of the installation process.

Our Complete Wetroom Tanking Kit is perfect for all, whether you are a professional bathroom installer or a DIY enthusiast; it allows you to create a fabulous wetroom space.

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