Guest Post: DIY vs. Designer – Creating Your Own Bathroom Design Ideas by Splash Bathrooms

30 October 2012
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Bathroom Design Ideas

When it comes to home renovation, only a select few of the most financially elite can afford to call in a bathroom designer to make all of the hard decisions when it comes to choosing the right fixtures and fittings that are needed. This means that the majority of us have the task of making this decision ourselves by using our intuition on deciding what will look good in arguably one of the most used spaces in the home.

Bathrooms of course vary in shape and size and this will affect the ceramics and furniture that you plan to place inside it. When designing your bathroom yourself, you have to make sure that enough prior planning and measuring is carried out to ensure you avoid over-filling it and making your bathroom feel a little cramped and claustrophobic.


Not only does buying a complete ceramic suite give you a guaranteed co-ordinated bathroom, it also saves you a great deal of money too. It’s advisable to go for specially designed compact ceramics in a smaller bathroom space, as these will help you save valuable floor space, allowing you to create the illusion that there is more room that there actually is.

Ceramics are also available in a variety of finishes too, should you wish to make a bold designer statement in your bathroom. Black ceramics are increasing in popularity as people seek contemporary bathrooms and stylish ceramics to accompany them.


Bathroom FurnitureBathroom furniture is really important in every size of suite, large or small. It offers vital storage space that makes even the tiniest of spaces appear organised and chic, as well as providing you with surfaces to accessories and ceramics such as basins.

Vanity units are a popular choice as they carry out three essential tasks: providing a surface for a basin to be installed on, hiding unsightly pipework and waste pipes from this basin and offering an adequate amount of storage space for much-needed bathroom supplies such as toilet rolls and towels.


Bathroom Toilet Roll HolderAs with furniture and ceramics, your accessories should blend well with the existing fixtures for a co-ordinated and harmonious bathroom space. Buying accessories that are from the same range or manufacturer suggests that they will in fact co-ordinate and match, as well as being designed to make your life that little bit easier.

Accessories such as soap dishes, toilet roll holders and toothbrush holders should not be under estimated. They are in fact essential pieces in your bathroom and will require just as much tender loving care as the rest of your home.

Heated Towel Rails

Soft TowelsEspecially important in winter months, a heat source in your bathroom is essential. Whether it is to warm your soft towels for you to step into after your bath or shower or to just simply maintain a liveable temperature in the colder months, a good quality radiator or towel rail should be found in every bathroom.

As with every other aspect of the bathroom, these are available in wide variety of shapes and sizes, giving you ultimate freedom in developing a truly unique and personal style in your bathroom. With different heat outputs and fuelling options, the world of bathroom heating really is your oyster, much like the vast choice of bathroom design ideas.

Guest Written by Sarah Macleod
Splash Bathrooms