How To Pick The Right Enclosure For your Space: Part 1

11 July 2012
3 min read

In today’s fast paced lifestyle showering has become an important part of our daily routines – it is the quick, hygienic and easy way to clean. The bath has now moved away from being a place where we wash or clean ourselves, to now be more of a sanctuary, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Jupiter Bath Screen

With this shift, it is clear that incorporating a showering facility a must. But with so many options available on the market, what is the best option for your home, family and lifestyle?

Roman will explore the options available and look at different situations and we will make suggestions on products that are suitable for different circumstances. In Part 1 we will focus on overcoming Small Bathrooms and Combined Bath and Shower Rooms

Small Bathroom

Most UK bathrooms are squeezed into a very small space – this is a space which is getting smaller and smaller – so bathroom design can become a real headache. There are a range of shower enclosures which have been designed with this in mind. They feature a small footprint and inward opening showers or sliding door shower enclosures, which don’t project out into the bathroom and onto other furniture.

Desire Quardrant

Why not choose a quadrant shower enclosure. Our Desire One Quadrant is available in an 800 x 800mm version, so takes up minimal wall space, but the enclosure cleverly bows out to create a larger showering area than a standard shaped quadrant. This cleverly uses that often unused area in the centre of your bathroom.

Embrace Trapezium Shower Enclosure


Roman’s Trapezium enclosures were specifically designed to work around the most common space restrictions in the UK bathroom. They are designed to be installed onto one wall and with an inward opening door. This design ensures windows, doors and other bathroom fittings are cleverly avoided.

Combined Bath/Shower Bathroom

Orbital Bath Screen

Some bathrooms will simply not allow for both a separate bath and shower enclosure. If this sounds like your bathroom then installing a showering facility positioned over the bath can be a great solution. There is now a range of high quality, stylish bath screens available which are compatible for use with a power shower. This ensures performance and style are not compromised, even when showering over the bath. We would recommend our Orbital Folding Bath Screen, which cleverly folds away when not in use for a neat and tidy look.

Part 2

Look out for Part 2 of how to pick the right shower enclosure, next month, where we will look at:

  • Easy Access Bathrooms
  • Bathroom with a wet rooms
  • Family bathrooms