Roman Infinity Low Level Trays

21 June 2012
3 min read

Our collection of Infinity Shower Trays have been designed and manufactured in house. Our Design Team created the trays so that they would give a total minimalist wetroom look, but with the ease of installation associated with a shower tray.

The Infinity Trays go one step further than other low level shower trays available on the market, as they incorporate a solid surface waste cover. This is made from the same material as the tray so gives a seamless look and inspiring the name ‘Infinity’.

The Infinity Range of shower trays is manufactured in our on-site solid surface manufacturing facility, where we create everything from the moulds they are cast in, through to finishing each individual tray by hand.

They are manufactured from our own solid surface material, Roman Stone, which has a number of benefits. The material is strong and durable, so is difficult to damage. The trays are the same colour and solid material throughout, so if a scratch or chip occurred it can easily be repaired. The material is also warm to the touch, so perfect for underfoot.

The Infinity Trays achieve their level access feature due to them being only 40mm in height. The solid surface trays are self-reinforcing, this means they can be laid down to joists and then tiled up to. When installed in this way, a total level access look is achieved.

The finished look of an installed tray gives an imitated wetroom look, so they are perfect for helping you achieve that boutique hotel inspired bathroom finish. Team it with a stylish wetroom panel, such as our Sculptures Corner Shower Panel for a really up-market hotel bathroom look.

As well as looking stylish for your bathroom, they can also be totally practical for all users, particularly those who have restricted mobility or are disabled. The level access nature means the step up into the showering area is totally eliminated. You can then team the tray with a wetroom panel or walk-in to give totally easy access into the showering area.

Our Infinity Trays are designed with a single angle flow towards the waste, to ensure the water is efficiently carried away. The waste is suitable for power showers and carries away 25 litres of water per minute, allowing you to pick a stylish powerful showerhead.

Our Infinity Trays are available in a range of sizes and we also have quadrant shaped versions, so you achieve the wetroom look on a traditional quadrant shaped shower enclosure.