World Water Week

16 August 2011
2 min read

With World Water week approaching, we thought that as a leading manufacturer of shower enclosures and associated products, we should be getting on board. World Water week runs from the 21st August through to the 27th August. Taking this theme, we have decided to give you our top ideas for how to save water in your everyday life…

1. Have a shower not a bath – a quick shower only uses around 30 litres of water rather than the water guzzling 100 litres used to fill a bath. If you choose a Roman Shower Valve you can pre-set the water flow to a more economical rate. Likewise our Embrace digital vales also offer an eco-setting which still gives great performance but at a more economical rate.

2. Sort out your leaking taps – if your tap is dripping once per second that adds up to more than 15,000 litres of water being wasted a year! Make sure you fix your dripping taps as soon as possible to stop these precious drops being wasted.

3. If you have an old large toilet without a dual flush, you can add a water saving device called a hippo to your cistern, this retains some of the water when you flush and is often available from your water supplier.

4. Stick a plug in it – whether you’re shaving yourself or washing vegetables, if you put the plug into your sink rather than use a running tap, you can save water. Use the vegetable washing water to then water your plants. Likewise, remember to switch the tap off when brushing your teeth so the water isn’t wasted down the plug hole.

5. Get a water butt for your garden – plants and vegetables actually prefer rainwater, so fit a water butt to your drainpipe to collect that precious water as it falls.

There are our top tips and here are Roman’s three favourite eco-products…

1. RVE003 Shower Valve which has a large and funky square drench head but can be pre-set to an economical flow rate.

2. Our Embrace Wetroom Panel with Designer Motif and Integrated Valve – proving that water efficiency need not look bland – you can still create a style statement whilst being eco-friendly.

3. RVC004 Shower Valve which offers a multi-mode hand shower which has a 5 different settings so you have the option of massage settings whilst still keeping your eye on water consumption.