Showering you with ideas…Choosing your Valve

9 May 2011
2 min read

A key trend is for more gadgets in the bathroom, this has been encouraged by the introduction of items such as flat screen televisions, which can be enjoyed whilst showering or bathing. This kind of technology has now seen the addition of more high-tech bathroom products. Remote operated digital valves are growing in popularity, as is integrated water delivery, where the water delivery is incorporated into the enclosure. The valve can be incorporated into the bracing of the enclosure and this is a contemporary way to turn the practical bracing into a striking design feature. Alternatively it can be bolted through the glass panel, allowing the valve to be operated from inside and outside of the enclosure. It brings a modern high-tech look to the bathroom.

With the move towards bathrooms which offer a spa experience, people are also looking for multi-functional, multi-mode showers. These offer the option of a luxurious rainfall effect shower from a stunning drench head, or massage settings from a multi-mode hand set.

Safety First…
When deciding on the valve a thermostatic or a digital valve is a must for the family home where there may be children and elderly users, who may struggle to quickly move out of the shower if the cold water was to fail. Thermostatic valves regulate the water temperature to +/- 1°C, so should the hot or cold water fail, the shower will instantly shut-off. They are also factory set to a safe operating temperature of around 43°C, so the water will never reach scalding temperature. Digital valves can be pre-set to a certain temperature and they are also thermostatic, so monitor the water temperature.

Where you position the on/off switch or controls is another consideration. With digital valves you often have the option of a remote switch which can be placed outside the showering area and simply switched on before entry. Likewise, if you opt for a valve with concealed pipework, you can position the controls outside of the enclosure. Both these solutions eliminate the need for you to lean into the enclosure to switch the shower on – the ultimate convenience.