Wonderful Wetrooms

A real minimalist statement is created with the Sculptures
Corner Panel with Concealed Profile
At Roman, wetrooms is always a hot topic. We just think they are fab! And for so many reasons…
Wetrooms are such a flexible product, and are available in so many varieties that there is something for every style, size and shaped bathroom. They offer a minimalist look in line with current trends, giving a stylish finish to any bathrooms. However, many people are still worried that they may leak. Wetrooms are common place in many European countries and in some countries it is part of the building regulations that the bathroom must be tanked. This makes sense – you are simply water-proofing a room which is constantly filled with water. By tanking the bathroom you are building up a series of comprehensive barriers to keep the room water-tight.
Create your own unique look
Wetrooms are the ideal solution for large and small bathrooms alike. For the larger bathroom a wetroom can create a spa-like feeling of luxury, you can install a stunning 1400mm wide wetroom panel, creating a real impact. For the more compact bathroom you can opt for a smaller 600mm wide corner panel, to sit discreetly in the corner of the room. For that even smaller space, you can simply tank out the whole room, install a valve and keep the entire space as a wet-area – this is the ideal solution for a small second shower-room. A wetroom uses the available space in the most flexible way possible.
Worried about tray-less showering? Fake it with
our Infinity range of shower trays which give
an imitated wetroom look with the reassurance
of a shower tray.
Another benefit of wetrooms is that by installing one you are designing for life – they are inclusive of all users groups. They offer level access and door less entry which is ideal for those who have mobility issues or struggle with arthritis, which can often make negotiating handles, doors and steps difficult.
The Roman Shield Complete Wetroom Kit makes installing
a wetroom simple. The kit has won 2 awards for best
bathroom product.
Those are just a couple of reasons why we love them, but I could talk all day about wetrooms, so I’m sure this is a post that will be continued…