Showering you with Trends

The bathroom has now moved from being a functional room, to become a place to relax and unwind in – a spa-like sanctuary. In today’s hectic modern lifestyle we turn to the bathroom as an escape. This has seen bathroom products evolve into design led pieces that allow the shower enclosure to become a focal point of the house, a place to show off to visitors.

Manufacturers and designers have begun to experiment with an array of designs and materials, and are not afraid to merge different design concepts. The focus is strongly on individualism and mixing design-led, top end pieces. Not only is there a strong focus on creating spa-like products there is also a strong demand for manufacturers and designers to focus on inclusive design. There is the need to create eclectic and inspirational designs that are designed for life. As our lifestyles change and our showering needs change we require products that satisfy all these needs.

This has seen the wetroom continue as a key trend. Wetrooms are such a flexible concept that you can really create an individual retreat, whether a more traditional enclosure straight to floor is chosen, a striking walk-in enclosure or a stylishly simple wetroom panel. The latest designs for shower enclosures are frameless enclosures with clear thicker glass and a bright silver finish. These enclosures give a ‘made to measure’ appearance, creating a more individual look than that of a standard shaped shower enclosure. The thicker glass brings a feeling of weight and quality which is so popular. With the latest products featuring glass thicknesses of up to 10mm, the shower enclosure truly is becoming the key fashion statement of the bathroom. Crafted from only the finest materials, high-end shower enclosures are the ultimate in quality and precision, and act as a benchmark for the rest of the bathroom design.

Manufacturers and Designers are starting to slowly inject colour and pattern into shower enclosures – a trend that is set to continue. Chromed jet black hinges and handles are being added as an option on enclosures. These stylish black hinges and handles offer a truly unique and elegant touch to create a stunning and unique showering area. Once regarded as a dying trend, some shower enclosures are now available with the option of a modesty panel. These panels can be created using solid or patterned frosted glass designs and are guaranteed to complement an array of stylish tiles and wall finishes.

In terms of the shower tray, low level shower trays are the key trend which is set to continue growing. Their sought after minimalist style also simulates the modern wetroom look. The latest shower trays are designed with a hidden waste featuring a stylish load bearing solid surface waste cover to give a completely minimalist finish. Shower trays are also being styled with integrated duckboard style drying areas – these are now moving away from wooden varieties, which can deteriorate over time, and are being manufactured in the same material as the tray for lasting durability. They are also removable to allow for easy cleaning. For a real boutique look, shower trays are now also being designed with optic lighting incorporated into the tray – giving real spa-like ambience.

This blog post is part of the ‘Pass It On Bathroom series’, a collaborative blogging project.