Tackling Your Small Bathroom Part 3

So now for the final part of our little mini-series of blog posts on small bathrooms. Read Part 2, Read Part 1.

This time we’re focusing on how to make the most of your bathroom space now you’ve chosen you shower enclosure or bath screen.

A top tip is to include clever storage solutions. A mirrored cabinet offers a great place to store all your essential bathroom toiletries and cleaning products, whilst also doubling up as your bathroom mirror. Roman offers a variety of mirrored cabinets, including smaller version that will sit neatly above your sink, through to full length versions which offer ample storage whilst also acting as a full length mirror.

Tackling Your Small Bathroom Part 2

Our look at small bathrooms and overcoming space restrictions continues… Read Part 1 here

Although there is a wide selection of space saving solutions available, some bathrooms will simply not allow for both a bath and a separate shower enclosure. But with the fast paced modern lifestyle we lead, showering has become the main way we clean ourselves – it is seen as the quick and most hygienic way to keep clean, so showering facilities are a must. If your bathroom is too small for both a separate shower enclosure and a bath, you have two options:

Tackling Your Small Bathroom Part 1

With the average UK bathroom getting smaller, planning out a bathroom is becoming a more difficult task, particularly if you want both a shower enclosure and a bath included. Designers and manufacturers of bathroom equipment are always looking for new and innovative ways to get round this issue of space, or more accurately, the lack of it. There is a wide selection of space saving solutions on the market and with showering this is no exception.